Saturday, 24 March 2012

This and That

Sheesh, I haven't posted in so long!! Went to Cuba, loved the country!! Beautiful sand, beach & people.  Things didn't go so well though...................let us just say I'm single again.   That's ok though. I am used to being on my own.  I have finally lost 6 lbs!!!  No more late night snacks.
Finished my black & white print dress in time for my trip - no pic yet.  It's comfy & cute.  I was happy with it.   Started another dress but did not finish it yet.  Have not got back into sewing yet.
I haven't been doing too much - came back to find out my ei ran out.  So, I`ve  been appling for jobs & looking into retraining. I have lots of experience but nothing on paper.  At my age, you need both!!

My new hair colour - by mistake...but it`s growing on me.

 It`s getting really long. I plan on cutting it and donating it.  But now I`m curious to see how long it will grow!  Definitely need a trim though.  It`s been over a year.
 I`ve been making extremely yummy healthy food lately.  This dish consists of one chicken breast sliced up , fried with onion, garlic & olive oil till almost done.  Then I added snow peas, shredded cabbage & yellow pepper.  I used Chipolte sauce for the seasoning.  Then I stirred in some prepared brown rice & quinoa.  Hmmmm, it was delish!!!! 
 This is where I want to live!!  Lovely pink apartment - just so long as it is in Mexico!!!!
 Another yummy, healthy stir fry.........this time no meat, just veggies.
 I took a pic of my green onions before chopping them up & freezing them (as seen on Pinterest).  I just love this pic!!!!  It speaks to me!  Just wish I still had Picassa to crop, etc. 
 This is my beautiful baby daughter Jo & her handsome prince on St Paddys Day.  I think he may be the one.  How exciting!!  I do still believe in love even though it may never be mine.
 Self bought flowers - they lasted for two weeks!! Gerbana daisies.
 Hair previous to the mistake.................I will get around to finishing the walls soon!  God..I need Picassa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 My new clogs - they seem really narrow - only $50.  I think I will have to get them stretched or wear them bare foot. for the summer.
My old, very comfy clogs from Value Village!!  I need to wear two pairs of socks with them to keep them on my feet. 

Back to normal soon I hope. Oh, I did start an afghan for my Jo.  Will post pic when I have gotten more done on it.

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