Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Adventures in Jewelry Making

        Made from memory wire & grey pearl type beads.

        I love this cuff style of bracelet.  This one is for my daughter. 
        I  added a charm to each end.  Cute eh?
         Single strand bracelet using 'Tiger Tail Wire'. I mastered crimping.  Yeah!!!
               Now for my other daughter.  She asked for purple beads.
         I tried a few different formats  Memory wire & the Tiger Tail.
        Plain small beads between or gold colour spacers...hmmmmmm.
            Then I left that for a while............
 And made myself a four strand bracelet.  It was super easy.  The beads came strung together already.
I just took them apart and made them into lengths long enough to fit around my wrist, taking into account the size of the clasp. I had two bead left over!  I went to Michaels' boxing day sale, so I'm pretty happy with the cost incurred.  The bead length was $5.99 less 25% & I already had the clasp. Now, for somewhere to wear it................ah, something will come up, no doubt.

               Did I mention that I really love cuff bracelets!  
                     So pretty!
      So, back to Case's bracelet, I decided to go with the memory wire & the gold spacers.
          I had to go back to Michaels' for more beads,                                 
               luckily they had one pack left.
              It's kind of heavy for the memory wire I have.
   I'm thinking I'll restring them on Tiger Tail and add a clasp instead.  It is pretty though.
           Next, I'm going to tackle earrings.  The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

        Merry Christmas to everyone!  These are my lights through my curtains...perty eh!!!
              Made these for my daughter-in-law & my grand-daughter -   I hope they like them!
                       This was my first completed one - flower looks a bit too big.
                                   A scarf for my man, still working on it tonight!!!
                                                  Both for my daughter Jo.
   Pj sets & washing-up hairbands for my lovely daughters. I used the thrifted flannelette I found last summer.
  I embellished the `Joe`t-shirts with an almost matching ribbon from my stash. I love how it all turned out.
                                          Sewing the spiral together to form a rose.
                                                       Without the rose,
                                                   and with the rose.

                                               Scarf for Jo. It`s long.................
                                         Me modelling it -  need to find some huge buttons for it yet.

                            I used Charisma yarn I used with a size 10 mm hook.  Will post my pattern soon.
                                               Some of my baking......yum.   A plate for Santa.
Swedish Candles.

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Gift Crocheting & Other Stuff

 This is such a cute & easy pattern and it does up pretty fast.  Planning to make a few of these beauties.  Will post the finished products soon.
 Slippers - very easy too. This pair is for me.
 Sophie Kitty
My pretty little kitty after she wore herself out helping me sew!
These are some buttons I found at a thrift store - quite old I think but not too pretty.  Orange & black - odd looking.