Monday, 20 February 2012

Sewing For My Trip & What I've been busy With

 I measure 40x33x40 - so why did I trace this Kwik Sew in Medium?
 Anyway, I added a half inch to the sides to make up for it.
 I made this dress View B quite a few years ago.  I fit a pattern size 12 then.
  I love the style & that it drapes so beautifully since it's cut on the bias.  And...I added 1" inch to all seams!  We'll see how it fits.  I've worked hard to eat less & work out out more since the second week of January.  Heading way south towards the end of February.  Can hardly wait! 

 Didn't have enough fabric but that's OK - I had plenty of scraps to piece together for the neck & armhole bindings.  I swear I'll post pics of the finished dress.
 At the same time, I made my eldest daughter a new pair of jammie bottoms.
 Here's the scarf I finished knitting recently.  I love the colour . It's much nicer in 'real' life!  Oh yeah... I'm working on my powder room too.
 When the sun shines in January in Vancouver, you go for a walk!  Dyke at Pitt Meadows.
 My new clogs arrived!!  Fabulous sale at Ungleboclog. I love them.
 My vegetarian dinner tonight - it was so good.  I love forgoing meat these days. This dish has pinto beans, brown rice, onions, garlic and delish!
 Finished the dolly for my Grand-daughter.  Had to rush at the end, Auntie Jo was flying up to Quesnel to see Adelia. 

My finished crocheted shawl.  Nice and warm when sitting at the computer for hours - on Pinterest!!
Jo, my sweet daughter, has recently discovered this shawl & fallen in love with it! I'm only too happy to share it with her.She wears it as a scarf with the point in front & it looks fabulous on her!

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