Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Two More Finished Objects!

 Finished.........boot cuffs and cozy boot slippers for my niece working in Fort McMurray!!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Some Finished Objects and Some Objects in the Planning Stage

Finished the apron and made a pair of matching pot holders.  I love the gathered skirt so much!  And the big pockets.  I quilted as I went for the pot holders.  So fast and easy!

Anyway, the gathered waist on the apron got me thinking about some summer dress sewing.  So I dug up some suitable fabrics from my stash.  Three cottons cotton/blends and a lovely border print rayon.  The rayon will gather so beautifully without a lot of bulk.   

It will become my first  Cambie dress.   I just love the waistline and the sweetheart neckline.

 Then I found some floral sheer fabric I bought two years ago.   And a remnant I think would be the perfect lining.  I just have to decide on a style I like.   I like the shape of both dress patterns shown below.  I'd go knee length though.
Least of last was my funny Valentine dress!!   Made from a couple pieces of fabric found at Value Village last fall.  I bought it with the intent of making my granddaughter a Christmas dress otherwise I wouldn't have had any red fabric on hand - I never wear red!  So it was a fun project and I used up every bit of fabric.  The lace has been in my stash for 30 years........

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Make-Up/Travel Bags and Hanger Cover

Set of bags I made for my sister-in-law.

Also a hanger cover with a hidden zippered compartment.  Perfect for hiding valuables!  Or if you're like me, a perfect place to hide things that you don't want to forget where you've hidden!!   LOL

February Sewing and Crocheting Stuff

It all started with a bike pouch from Sew Incredibly Crazy.  Perfect for summer bike rides!!   

Love these two prints!
Velcro on the staps.

Interior view.

Then a basket liner from same fabric.

I love this print!

I love it so much, that I have make a new apron too!

Another pair of boot cuffs. this time for my niece in Fort McMurray, Alta.

And I started a nice warm pair of slippers for her too.  They'll be boot height.

And for the sister-in-law, boot slippers too.

Valentine's Day earrings to come. 

Duvet Cover

Well, it's only been a year!!!  

I finally finished my daughter Jo's duvet cover- a full year after it was meant to be completed.  It is lovely though.  Much love went into it.  Decided to finish it with black snaps rather than buttons.