Saturday, 9 April 2011

Getting Ready for Summer - After Yesterday's Sunshine

I've just spent most of the morning taking my summer clothing out of storage and putting my winter clothing in its place. Of course I ended up trying on a lot of it & have resigned myself to culling my closet of some of the oldest & worst fitting pieces. It is difficult though after all the wonderful creations I've seen blogs about. It's hard not to see potential for refashioning everywhere I look!

I've been saving some fabric I bought a year or two ago for something special (like a baby quilt) but I've decided I love it too much to rarely see it again.  I'll post pics of my wonderful fabric & the patterns I'll be using.

The fabric is 100% cotton found in the quilting fabric section. I washed & dryed it to prevent shrinkage.
Both patterns are super nice and easy for the casual summer days that are ahead.
I'm so excited to finally have my own blog. 
More later.