Sunday, 15 January 2012

Warm Weather Dress & Tulips On A Winter Day

Decided to make a dress for warmer climates - Hello Mexico!
Last week I began one part of my New Years Plan - to get back in shape.  I belong to Curves, it's a nice workout for the mature women....LOL   So I went 5 days in a row, missed Saturday & worked out at home on Sunday.  I've been watching my food intake & I ended up throwing the rest of my Christmas chocolate into the trash - there wasn't much left at all, but it was very symbolic for me!  Not soon enough though  :(
I had to add an extra 1/2" to the sides of my pattern.  I'm OK with that cause I know I will fit a size 12 this year!  My tummy already feels smaller.  Yeah!!
The fabric is a poly knit, really slippery but very nice drape.
I started sewing it today & aside from the slipperiness, it's going to be a breeze to make.  I dropped the back neckline about 6".  I don't get why a lot of summery dresses have neck hugging backs.  The gathered section in the front will be quite a bit lower too.  I'll see when I get there.
Tulips on a wintery snow day - our first snow this winter!
Pretty but.............Spring's a lot prettier!!  Still making earwarmers, I posted them on Ravelry.  I really need to figure out how to link to other sites this year.   I wish I could share my Pinterst too.  I'm so addicted to that site.


  1. The dress looks like its going to be gorgeous, cant wait to see if finished. I love tulips!

    1. Hi Janette! Thanks for your comment. The dress is finished except for the elastic gathers on the front. Tomorrow I'm finishing it!!! And I'll post a pic for sure..promise. I usually get so many projects going that it gets hard to finish anything...but I always do eventually!! How about you, what are you working on lately?