Friday, 23 May 2014

A Summer Dress and Bag Making

Easy and Fast Dress Pattern  

 Decided to turn some pretty poly jersey fabric into a cute light weight summer dress.
 This fabric drapes beautifully giving the gathered skirt a really feminine appeal.  Still to be hemmed and photographed on my body.  I love the fit and it's very comfortable.

Another Make-up Bag
I pieced some fabric leftover from the black and white duvet cover and ironed on some fleece 
for more body.  I think I'll line this with a stiffer poly lining fabric instead of the usual heavy nylon fabric I picked at Value Village for $1.49. 
Floral Brocade Thinking of turning this fabric into a knitting bag for taking to appointments where I know I'll have to wait.  I get really tired of reading 10 year old magazines.

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