Saturday, 9 November 2013

Procrastination At Its Worst :(

Approximately a year ago I started getting this post ready to publish.  Looks like I was learning how to create links.  Mmm, funny only one seems to have worked.

November  2012
It's that time of year again and I have to get my projects in a row.  I always have so many things I want to make.  This year is no exception!  I've been buying yarn at Micheal's for the last two weeks at awesome the senior's discount!!!  So, now I need to get going and create.  I've started one of my daughters a pair crocheted knee socks to wear in her new, expensive ..........rubber boots.  I found the pattern (here) it uses worsted weight yarn.    Of course, I'm worrying that they'll be too thick.  So today I bought some Patons, Kroy Sock yarn.  I must learn how to knit socks!!!!  I also am making a South Bay Shawlette in grey Bernat Softee Baby yarn for the same daugther.

Old Fringed Afghan
Wearing thin as time goes on, I should have used a better yarn.  

Retro Look Apron 

Daughter # 2 will be getting my planned for quick and easy crochet infinity scarf shown here............this time in Vanna's Choice 'Barley'  a really pretty light-ish brown tweed.  I fell in love with the colour of the Red Heart "Soft'  -  I'm dreaming about a pretty scarf for me with that one, they call it 'Toast' but I call it coppery   I'm still working on the black crocheted blanket!  It's coming along and could be finished by Christmas - but no promises!!  LOL
This I plan to make all the females in my life make-up type bags.  I went through my ever growing zipper inventory (thanks Value Village!) and discovered I could make at least 50 of them..... oh my.

I want to make my only grand-daughter & her mom a pair of matching Pj's.  Really cute purple & pink heart flannel.  My mom gets a pair of fleece slippers.  I need to figure out something for the men in my life next.  Any ideas?   Crocheted hats for winter, maybe a scarf.  

How I Got My Groove Back

It all started when I bought my grand-daughter a fleece jacket from Costco in Bellingham .  It was so cute but I knew it needed something else - a hat in pink or maybe striped, incorporating all the colours.  Then I thought why not make both.  And I love how they turned out!  They went up to Quesnel with my youngest daughter this weekend so I hope I get pics of my little Dalie modelling them soon.

 Made with Charisma white & black, doubled pink Vanna's Choice and Astro's tripled green yarn to get the proportions right. 

Made with Vanna's Choice and  4.5 mm hook.

Rag Doll 
Then I started looking at the doll I made Dalie in the summer & I thought 'she needs a hat' too and why not use up the left over pink yarn to do it?  She looks cute as a button although I wish I had embroidered a smile on her face.  Black shoes and a jacket are next, then off she goes in the mail for Christmas!

Boot Cuffs
 Next I saw these and many others on Pinterest lately and thought ' my girls would like those' so I'm making a prototype and darned if my youngest didn't see them in progress.  So they won't be a surprise 
but I least I know she likes them.  

 Vanna's Choice and 5mm hook.

Yummy Yarn
Oops I did it again -  some of my recent yarn purchases form Micheal's - awesome good sale plus 25% off.  I may have bought a few beading supplies too...oops

 Hat for Me
I made this hat two summers ago.  I love it.  
 I made a rose which I plan to sew onto a pin backing so I can wear or not wear it, depending on my mood.
It is kinda cute.
 Homespun yarn. 

Ear Warmers 
Without and with the detachable rose.

 Vanna's Choice again.
 I'm experimenting with a cute double rose idea from Pinterest.  

Slippers for Daughter Number One 
Found all over Pinterest.  Quick and easy in Charisma and size 6mm hook.  Nice and warm too.