Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Adventures in Jewelry Making

        Made from memory wire & grey pearl type beads.

        I love this cuff style of bracelet.  This one is for my daughter. 
        I  added a charm to each end.  Cute eh?
         Single strand bracelet using 'Tiger Tail Wire'. I mastered crimping.  Yeah!!!
               Now for my other daughter.  She asked for purple beads.
         I tried a few different formats  Memory wire & the Tiger Tail.
        Plain small beads between or gold colour spacers...hmmmmmm.
            Then I left that for a while............
 And made myself a four strand bracelet.  It was super easy.  The beads came strung together already.
I just took them apart and made them into lengths long enough to fit around my wrist, taking into account the size of the clasp. I had two bead left over!  I went to Michaels' boxing day sale, so I'm pretty happy with the cost incurred.  The bead length was $5.99 less 25% & I already had the clasp. Now, for somewhere to wear it................ah, something will come up, no doubt.

               Did I mention that I really love cuff bracelets!  
                     So pretty!
      So, back to Case's bracelet, I decided to go with the memory wire & the gold spacers.
          I had to go back to Michaels' for more beads,                                 
               luckily they had one pack left.
              It's kind of heavy for the memory wire I have.
   I'm thinking I'll restring them on Tiger Tail and add a clasp instead.  It is pretty though.
           Next, I'm going to tackle earrings.  The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!

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