Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve

        Merry Christmas to everyone!  These are my lights through my curtains...perty eh!!!
              Made these for my daughter-in-law & my grand-daughter -   I hope they like them!
                       This was my first completed one - flower looks a bit too big.
                                   A scarf for my man, still working on it tonight!!!
                                                  Both for my daughter Jo.
   Pj sets & washing-up hairbands for my lovely daughters. I used the thrifted flannelette I found last summer.
  I embellished the `Joe`t-shirts with an almost matching ribbon from my stash. I love how it all turned out.
                                          Sewing the spiral together to form a rose.
                                                       Without the rose,
                                                   and with the rose.

                                               Scarf for Jo. It`s long.................
                                         Me modelling it -  need to find some huge buttons for it yet.

                            I used Charisma yarn I used with a size 10 mm hook.  Will post my pattern soon.
                                               Some of my baking......yum.   A plate for Santa.
Swedish Candles.

Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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