Friday, 27 April 2012

Fabric & Ryan

I finally got to my local fabric's been several LONG months - I was experiencing withdrawal symptons - you know, getting hot & sweaty at the mere mention bolts etc. 

It's so hard to decide, so I took a few pics of some fabric I liked.  This stretchy lace is beautiful but it sure looks like it'll snag easily. 

 I love black & white prints.  Mostly all rayon-poly blends - nothing interesting in knits.  I wish buyers up here would scout out more fun knit fabrics.

 Maybe there's not as much demand for it - judging from what I see on many blogs - a lot of people still think working with knits is difficult.  But nothing could be further from the truth. I love sewing knits- so fast & easy - me likey a lot!

 There were some fun polka dot blends, lots of colours.  I have no idea what I'd make.  I just like polka dots.

This challis print would make a nice dress or a skirt .......mmmmmmmmmmm
And then of course Ryan offered to help fold it all for me....that's when I woke up without fabric or Ryan.  Of course I was broken hearted....

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